Capoeira Angola is a physically and intellectually challenging Afro-Brazilian art. It was born as African slaves sought solace in song and a peculiar fusion of dance and a playful use of traditional movements from various African martial arts.

The result is a physical strategy game with deep cultural roots. It challenges us to slow down and make a connection with another human being and through a dialogue of movement, build a beautiful game with them.

It is often said it takes 10,000 repetitions to master a given skill, which echos a truth that has never been forgotten in many traditional styles. Our practice typically involves high repetition technical work followed by partner drills or play and music.

The Ottawa-Gatineau chapter of "Grupo de Capoeira Semente do Jogo de Angola" has existed since 2003. Classes are led by students of Mestre Jogo de Dentro (Salvador, Brazil), a renowned Capoeira Angola master and founder of the group, and Mestre Colette (Montreal, Quebec).

Soft soled shoes, workout clothes (ideally white but we aren't picky) and water.

Students of all levels are welcome. First class is free. There is no start or end of season and classes are for all students regardless of their level of experience.